“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

jason sharmanJason Sharman Managing Director Atlas Packaging

I have worked with Lee in various capacities and I have always found his methods very interesting and insightful. Lee has vast knowledge and experience and combined with some modern thinking he was able to introduce me to some very useful techniques that I continue to use in my business today. Lee is also a very good listener and was able to prepare content on the topics that I had raised during our discussions. I would recommend Lee Norburn to any business that wants to understand and make a difference.


Maria Lorente New Worlds Group

maria lorente“I am the co-founder of a small boutique consultancy dedicated to catalyse the integral development of leaders and organisations. When I transitioned from corporate to independent little did I knew of what this meant in terms of the effort required in business development if the company is to eventually take off the ground. I have found that focus needs to be geared to relationship building, as most of the work will involve collaboration of some kind and here is where Lee’s contribution hits the ground. All of us who are dedicated to accompanying individuals and organisations in their journey to become more conscious and aware can easily fall in the trap that our blind spot, by being blind, obsequiates us with and as a result it is a must to have a guardian angel, showing light on your blind spot so you do not forget it behind. This is precisely the gift from Lee … in a very compassionate manner (to enable you to hear it, inquire about it and become really curious instead of building a fortress of defence), he brightly and unequivocally lit my own co-creation in the events I was struggling with. This judgment free offer helped me see the blind spot in my actions and re-evaluate my intentions to deliver new and aligned actions. In addition to this he created the safe container for all this exploration to happen. In a very fresh, playful yet clear and brief manner, he will help you see the core of what you are talking about. This gift is truly priceless and timeless. Every time I find myself having similar struggling feelings in different situations Lee’s words come immediately to mind and I immediately start exploring my own participation in the events to enable a more appropriate response”.



martin mogford

Martin Mogford Operations Director, SWM & Waste Recycling Limited

Lee has been working with one of our Senior Managers in order to help him create time and space to un lock his true potential. Lee approaches coaching and change facilitation in an appreciate and supportive way, whilst allowing individuals to take ownership of their development. In this way Lee allows those he is working with to release their own potential by raising awareness and interest, and assists in helping them achieve results in what they value.

Lee skilfully facilitates insight, learning and change to occur, and through a process of reflection and appreciation we are noticing  how change is becoming reality and how new tangible results are being delivered.

During the time Lee has worked with us he has provided a springboard for further inquiry which is beginning to simultaneously  inform how we become more strategic about the development of our business, and how we ensure we continue to  development  our staff.



Christopher Steed, Author Royal Society of Arts Fellow and Team Rector C of E

Lee Norburn is a highly creative individual with a first class mind. During discussions we had on conversations in 2014 sponsored by Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in North Devon and others, it became clear that the title of the series, ‘Another World is Happening’, was closely aligned with Lee’s concerns and interests as management coach and course leader. He really believes that there is a vital shift in perception, an altered frame of consciousness from placing our own lived experience in the centre of our learning. We become an integral part of the world, not simply an observer. It is that constant attention to lived experience that helps him as a coach and facilitator to be able to reflect on what we bring to a conversation, how we may be influencing it in ways that may not be useful, or our intention. We become part of the conversation.

Lee’s interests in unlocking the power of reflective practice served as a great sounding board for emerging themes in my own work on ‘Voice and Choice’, charting the rise of the participatory paradigm in contemporary society and probing the meanings that are implicit in this altered mood of our times. Being part of the world and not just a spectator of top-down prescriptions makes for a release of democratic energy. It figures in a forthcoming book on the subject of de-personalisation and I am grateful to Lee for helping me sharpen my ideas!


linda ellisLinda Ellis, Procurement Manager Barnstaple

I have worked with Lee on and off over the past four years, his unique and individual style provides a breath of fresh air through professional and modern day practice of understanding organisations.  Lee presents a positive and enthusiastic approach in establishing a situation for improvement in a comfortable and natural direction with obvious results