Team Building

"let go, notice more, use everything"Robert Poynton

The usual approach to team building is; get your key players down to the river with a pile of logs, a bag of rope and a couple of empty barrels, and see who can get to the other side. This approach is great fun and can really help build relationships. They usually last a day and deal with issues that are not directly related to your work. They have value but do not always translate into more innovations, better products or services or more profit. Nor are they a sustainable model that can be returned to on a regular basis.

At nowlab we do things differently. For us team building is best done working in real time, with real business issues in the real business environment. Ultimately this is where teams are expected to perform.

Working with your key team members we help them explore how they work together, find ways of talking about the issues hidden in plain view, the ones they only talk about outside the meetings. We slow people down just long enough for them to notice what is really happening when they work together. Slowing people down can sound counterproductive in today’s fast paced business world. But we all know being busy is not the same as getting things done.

We help your teams explore new conversations that go beyond asking if KPIs are being met, and if not why not. Conversations that help them perform better together regardless of the outcome they are working towards.