Next Stage

Training to Transition

All next stage services are bespoke, ensuring they deliver the best for your business. The three packages described are only a taste of what is possible.

Nowlab offers a range of bespoke practical training programmes to help your organisation explore the potential of becoming next stage.
Our highly successful, four workshop series, has been attended by over 100 organisations across the South West. Initially sponsored by the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and commerce), and delivered as an open program, a bespoke version is now available. Tailored to your specific needs, it can be delivered in house, or off site.

Workshop One

Explores the challenges traditional organisational structures present when trying to; deliver flexible products and services, create an engaged workforce, and respond quickly to shifting market needs, and competition. The group explores the potential of a new approach to organisational structure which can be much more responsive, empowering and engaging.

Workshop Two

Introduces wholeness, which encourages people to bring their whole selves to their work. Teams will explore the impact of adopting a ‘professional’ mask in their work place. Being yourself and holding a space where others can be themselves, creates healthier, more productive and responsive businesses.

Workshop Three

Introduces ‘Evolutionary Purpose’. We know that, whilst mission and vision statements sound like a good idea, they rarely add value to your business, or inspire your workforce. So, what can inspire and engage? Your teams will explore the benefits of adopting an evolutionary purpose, allowing teams to actively respond to market shifts. Rather than doggedly following a five year plan, as it slow drift out of touch with the present.

Workshop Four

Sometimes seen as a bit of a holy grail ‘Self-Management’ is an approach based on peer relationships rather than top down direction. This is not to be confused with people simply taking responsibility for their work. Self-Managing organisations have found new ways to enable their teams to take full responsibility and be accountable for daily decisions and spend. They require less administrative support and invite teams to be more directly involved with their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.