Books to Engage and Inspire

This section is designed to be a source of inspiration and understanding that offers new and emerging ways of making sense of the humanness of organisations. Each moves away from the traditional approaches to organisational management and leadership in its own way. I believe that each of them offers glimpses into a new, more productive and exciting way being in business. All the books are available via Amazon, Alibris e-bay and a range of other sites.


 Carpenter Oak Company: Embracing Wholeness

OCTOBER 6, 2017 – By Lee Norburn and Nick Parker for Enlivening Edge Magazine. Read the full article.






Reinventing Work – Curiosity into action in the South West of England

FEBRUARY 28, 2017 – By Lee Norburn and Nick Parker for Enlivening Edge Magazine. Read the full article.






Self-Managing Organisation at Matt Black Systems (part 1)

OCTOBER 30, 2015 LISA GILL AND NICK PARKER – By Lisa Gill and Nick Parker for Enlivening Edge. Read the full article.





Self-Managing Organisation at Matt Black Systems (part 2)

DECEMBER 22, 2015 NICK PARKER AND LISA GILL – By Nick Parker and Lisa Gill – for Enlivening Edge. Read the full article.






Reinventing Organizations – Frederic Laloux


In 2014 Frederic Laloux published a ground breaking book that has yet to see its full potential realised. After becoming disillusioned with the way businesses are run he set off on a journey to find companies that have entirely new ways of being. He not only found a range of highly effective and profitable organisations across all sectors and in a range of different countries. But, most significantly he found that despite not knowing of each other they had all found similar ways of addressing the essential elements of effective business. If you believe there is a better way of doing business, of engaging people, of using business for good, then you need to read this book. I strongly believe all businesses of the future will be inspires by this work in some way.




Not Knowing – Steven D’Souza and Diana Renner

In a world increasing in complexity and uncertainty this book offers an exploration into how we can lean into and work with not-knowingthe unknown. The unknown inhabits our market places, corners of our organisations and the edge of our own understanding. Becoming comfortable working with the unknown is an essential skill for today’s leaders and managers.





Time to Think – Nancy Klien

In a time of busyness when there often seems little time to do anything but the usual Nancy Kline offers a practical guide to finding time. She highlights the importance of time when it comes to building effective time-to-think-nancy-kline1 teams and making the best decisions. The focus of her book is listening and how listening rather than just talking holds the key to insights and connections that are otherwise hidden in plain site.






Leadership and the New Science – Margaret J. Wheatley

For the past hundred years organisations, leadership and management have been shaped by a way of understanding the world based on Newtonian science. But in the last thirty years our understanding of science has changed, and slowly our understanding of the world and organisations is changing. More progressive wleadership-and-the-new-scienceays of working in organisations are being informed by contemporary sciences such as Complexity Theory and Chaos theory. This book offers insights into how Chaos theory can be used to not just understand the formation of weather patterns and evolution, but also human nature and how we work together.






Inspiring and insightful talks to get you thinking and exploring.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action


An interesting exploration into an inverted look at the standard approach to marketing and individual leadership, when all things are the same, how can you be different?


Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

This presentation explore some ground breaking research into the human nature of stress, it offers an alternative ‘reframing’ of stress. There is also a wider idea being expressed here, how we see things and how they really are can both have an impact. This is great, because it gives us choice and the opportunity; How can reframing your perception of your organisation, team or professional practice help you?

Frederic Laloux – Reinventing Organisations

This presentation from Frederic Laloux introduces his ground breaking research and the key aspects of Teal organisations. He offers a new way of seeing the world of business, a way that has already been embraced by a number of organisations around the globe to great effect.