About Nowlab

At nowlab we know that great conversations can do much more than just create great business. Great conversations create great relationships, they breathe life into us and all that we do. They help us express ourselves, connect us with our dreams and ambitions; they bring people together, solve problems, develop strengths and explore opportunities. We also know that conversations can be designed to help us get the most out of life.

Everything we do is designed to help you have the conversations you need, with the people you need to get the most out of your business, yourself and your life.

The Team

Lee Norburn -Lee’s background is as a Lead Quality Management Auditor with the UKs Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and the Bulgarian Maritime Administration supporting Bulgaria’s accession to the EU. As an educator Lee has designed and run a range of progressive leadership programs at university level. As an experienced Coach, and Change Facilitator, he’s helped individuals, teams, and organisations unlock their potential through purposeful conversations and ‘next stage’ principles. Most recently, with Nick Parker, Lee co-founded the Reinventing Work Network, bringing the benefits of Next Stage, to 100’s of organisations across the South West. You can contact Lee at lee@nowlab.co.uk




Nick Parker – Nick is working with organisations across the South West of England who seek to move beyond scientific management and hierarchical control. With Lee he has brought together a network of more than 100 organisations from the commercial, public and community/voluntary sectors, some of whom are now progressing well towards an alternative way of organisational being. He draws heavily on his deep and varied cross sector, local, national and international experience of enabling effective organisational change. Like Lee he has an MSc in Organisational Change from Ashridge business school. .





Why the name Nowlab? And Why Change Conversations?

Now – Because this is the place where everything takes place, right now in the living present. This is where decisions are made, contracts are won, relationships are born and learning happens. Becoming aware of what is happening in the present moment is essential for exceptional business.

Lab – Laboratories are places of curiosity, innovation and understanding, they are where the future is found. Developing cultures of curiosity, innovation and understanding is the only way to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

Change Conversations – Because every decision you make, every innovation, every leap of faith takes place in conversation. Understanding how you are in conversation and learning to design conversations that work best for you is a key to great business.


If you would like to learn more about how nowlab can improve your business then contact us for a free consultation.


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